Theophoros was commissioned by NEOS Brass in 2008 and therefore originally composed for large brass choir and percussion. After a year the full score has been transcripted for Fanfare Band. Theophoros, a Greek word meaning inspired by the gods, consists of three parts, each describing a God or Goddess.

Movement I: Hermes, messenger of the gods
Every important event on earth or on mount Olympus was passed by Hermes to Zeus, the king of Gods. His enormous acceleration and speed are found in the movement. The movement starts with his arrival at the temple of Gods bringing good news.
Movement II: Aphrodite, goddess of love
A slow romantic movement telling the stories of love between men and women. But most of the time these love stories in Greek mythology do not end well.
Movement III: Hermaphroditus, son of Hermes and Aphrodite
The beautiful Hermaphroditus was very fond of his magnificent appearance. A nymph was falling for his beauty and wanted to become one. The nymph jumps on Hermaphroditus, he struggles but can not win the fight. Suddenly the nymph seems to have disappeared. Hermaphroditus is no longer a man, nor he is a women, he has become both. After a short time of morrowing, he learns to appreciate his new looks and is even more beautiful as he was before.

Duration: 00:12:00
Grade: F
Composed in: 2008
Instrumentation: Brass Ensemble / Fanfare Band

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