Jekyll and Hyde

A captivating solo piece for two trumpets and wind orchestra. The two solo players represent the two characters of the classic story, Dr. Jekyll and his darker alter ego, Mr. Hyde.

The composition begins by introducing the themes of Jekyll and Hyde, highlighting their distinct musical identities. As the piece progresses, tension builds as Jekyll tries to resist the influence of Hyde. The music reflects the inner struggle as Jekyll's theme becomes more erratic and unpredictable, while Hyde's theme grows more menacing. Suddenly, Hyde takes control and the music takes a dark turn as he commits a brutal murder. The music becomes intense and chaotic, representing the chaos and violence of the moment.

Jekyll, realizing the horror of what has happened, is determined to put an end to the madness. In a final dramatic gesture, Jekyll commits suicide, taking Hyde with him. The music reaches a climactic finale, with soaring melodies and triumphant harmonies that symbolize Jekyll's ultimate victory over his darker side.

Through "Jekyll & Hyde," listeners will experience a thrilling musical interpretation of this timeless tale of inner struggle and the fight for control. The dynamic interplay between the two trumpets and the wind orchestra create a rich and layered soundscape that captures the complexity of this haunting story.

I have written this composition for the exceptional soloists Jeroen Schippers and Jordi Lensink which I have had the privilege of playing with for several years. Working with these talented musicians has been a joy, and I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase their extraordinary skills in this new composition. Their virtuosity and musicianship have pushed me to create a piece that truly highlights the beauty and power of the trumpet.

Duration: 00:15:20
Grade: E
Composed in: 2022
Instrumentation: Wind Orchestra

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