Biesbosch Line-Crossers

Near the ending of world war two the Biesbosch, a swamplike environment, was the border between the liberated and still occupied lands. The winter was harsh, temperatures reached degrees far below zero. Ice had taken over some parts of the Biesbosch, making it difficult to cross. Some locals knew the Biesbosch very well, this was an advantage over the german oppressors. Knowing this a group of locals, the line-crossers, used little boats to delivere medicine and letters to the occupied lands. And sometimes they helped allied soldiers cross to the liberated part of the country. Risking their own lives for the greater cause, not all line-crossers did survive.

This compositions tells the story of these men. The score starts with the already freed land. The journey of the line-crossers begins: entering the enemy territory, delivering the goods and returning home. All seems to go well, but on the return they are spotted by a German patrol. They open fire. One line-crosser does not survive. The sacrifices made by these men, contributed to the liberation of the Netherlands: the score ends with the liberation theme.

Duration: 00:06:15
Grade: C
Composed in: 2010
Instrumentation: Fanfare Band

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