A three-part composition, commissioned by the Dutch Regimentsfanfare "Garde Grenadiers en Jagers", that tells the story of the devastating North Sea Flood that occurred on January 31st of that year.

Part I: The Sea

The first part sets the scene with a peaceful and serene melody that captures the tranquility of the North Sea. The gentle ebb and flow of the music reflects the rhythm of the waves as they lap against the shore. Then the flood theme sets in, a powerful heroic melody, depicting the force and beauty of the large waves.

Part II: The Flood

Rhythmic figures in the xylophone and trombones depict the storm and the growing threat of the spring tide. The people try to fight the water, placing sand bags and trying to reinforce the dikes. Eventually the strength of the rising water is too powerful. Large areas of land become sea, inhabitants search for high places, ending on the rooftops of their houses. More than 1800 people drowned, kettle floating in the water, the part ends in mourning the victims.

Part III: The Delta Works

The final part brings the composition to a hopeful conclusion. This movement celebrates the ingenuity and resilience of the Dutch people in the aftermath of the disaster. The block chords and triumphant harmonies symbolize the construction of the Delta Works, a series of dams and barriers that were built to protect the Netherlands from future floods.

Duration: 00:16:00
Grade: F
Composed in: 2023
Instrumentation: Brass Ensemble

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