Full recordings available

From now on most of my compositions will be available on youtube. Not only you can listen to the recordings but read the scores as well. On the compositions page you will find the youtube recordings for each score.
Monday 24th July 2017

The Odyssey world première

On February 2015 the 7th, my second Symphony 'The Odyssey' will be performed. The National Opera and Concert Choir (NOCK) will sing the choir part and Wilhelmina Glanerbrug plays the wind band part. Tickets can be bought at www.wilminktheater.nl
Thursday 12th June 2014

D-Day Orchestra version

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the composition D-Day will be performed by the Adoramus choir and orchestra. For this special concert the full score has been rewritten. The world première will take place at the Alban Arena in St Albans (UK) on the 28th of June.
Thursday 12th June 2014

First Performance of Duat

My latest composition Duat will be performed at the KNFM competition for bands on the 30th of November. The piece depicts the journey through the underworld of an fallen Egyptian hero. Lakes of lava and pillars of Jade lead to the gates to enter Paradise. The score will be performed by SHOT (Student Wind Band of Twente) conducted by Ronny Buurink
Thursday 31st October 2013

Jeanne d'Arc played by René Pagen

Jeanne d'Arc will be performed on the 16th of November by René Pagen and Semper Crescendo Oldenzaal conducted by Ruud Pletting. René Pagen played the solo part on the first performance of the composition for solo horn and wind band.
Thursday 31st October 2013

Jeanne d'Arc performed by Dutch Marinierskapel

At the end of 2012 Jeanne d'Arc was performed by the Dutch professional concert band Marinierskapel. Solo hornplayer Jasper de Waal, formerly active as principal horn at the Concertgebouw Orchestra, played the solo part. The horn concerto is being performed in the Netherlands and abroad more often lately!
Wednesday 8th February 2012

Nahr-al-Alwaan fanfare band

In November on Saturday the 19th the fanfare band version of Nahr-al-Alwaan will be performed for the first time. The transcription was commissioned by K.E.S.F.O. Nieuw Leven Vianen (The Netherlands). This orchestra, conducted by Leon Vliex, will perform the composition with an ensemble of Arabian instruments.
Friday 11th November 2011

Crab Migration

The CD named Crab Migration is now available at Molenaar BV. The CD contains a recording of Christmas Island: Crab Migration, which was recorded by the wind band of the Portugese Air Force.
Thursday 11th February 2010


The discography of Alex Poelman has been added to this webpage. On this page you can find an overview of the CD's containing recordings of his compositions.
Sunday 8th August 2010

Recording Pegasus

Pegasus, one of the most recent compositions by Alex Poelman, has been recorded by the Landes polizei orchester. You can listen to some short fragments of this recording on this website. Look for Pegasus in the compositions area.
Saturday 7th August 2010

Biesbosch Line Crossers

On the first of may the new composition Biesbosch Line Crossers was performed in Hank (the Netherlands). The score takes place in world war two. Dutch people living on the already freed area of the Netherlands cross the Biesbosch (a swamp like environment) in little boats to deliver medicine and messages to the land still terrorized by the German army. On the way back they help people to reach the safe lands. Fear, Terror, Hope and eventually the liberation of the Netherlands are described in this composition for Fanfare Band.
Wednesday 5th May 2010

First performance Pegasus and Christmas Island

Last month both Pegasus and Christmas Island had a successful first performance. Recordings of these two compositions will be added to the site shortly.
Monday 21st December 2009

Christmas Island

Christmas Island: Crab Migration has been added to the composition overview page. The piece describes the yearly migration of millions of red crabs on a small island near Indonesia and Australia. The composition will have its first performance in November at a contest for wind bands in the Netherlands.
Friday 2nd October 2009


Theophoros, originally composed for brass choir, had a successful introduction for fanfare. Being performed by two professional Dutch military orchestras. Both conducted by famous conductors: Erik Janssen and Tijmen Botma. This challenging score will be available at Molenaar Edition BV in a few months.
Friday 26th June 2009

New Website

Welcome on my website. On this website you can find information about me and my compositions. You can even listen to short fragments of the scores. Feel free te leave a message on the guestbook or send an email via the contact page.
Alex Poelman
Friday 22nd May 2009